Small Improvements

Here we are... already nearing the HOLIDAYS! And honestly, I'm not ready!  With every golden leaf that I see spiraling to the ground I take a deep sigh..seriously. Why do I do this when this is my favorite time of year? Well I think it's because I feel like time is getting away from me. … Continue reading Small Improvements


King of the Mountain? Or Just the Roof?

With all of the rains we have had this spring, we have had to continually clean up large limbs and debris from the yard.  Our already bad roof was looking worse with the fallen limbs and leaves.  My husband waited for a non-rain day and braved the height.  I know it doesn't bother him to … Continue reading King of the Mountain? Or Just the Roof?

Keep Your Mouth SHUT!

I don't know what this was? We are NEW to this lake life stuff.  We came home last week and had, I'm going to guess, MILLIONS of house guests waiting on us.  Didn't really notice how bad it was until we came inside through the garage and heard the little buggers pelting the windows.  When … Continue reading Keep Your Mouth SHUT!