Art Classes Now Available

I am happy to introduce art classes to our local east Texas area. I'm starting off slow and small with how many classes are offered. It's all about support from your community and word of mouth.  Praying that this venture and effort will be successful not only for me but for my family and the … Continue reading Art Classes Now Available

Getting Your Kids Involved in the Arts

I have a CRAZY BUSY life!! And I want to be INVOLVED!  Maybe it's a curse?But often times my stress of being involved has brought great blessings. I want the same for my children. I want them to be involved. Does that sound weird for a Home School mom to say? I'm reminded of the … Continue reading Getting Your Kids Involved in the Arts

Rain, Shine, Multitasking Photo Shoot

The night before the horrific tornado in Van, I had a photo shoot with some sweet friends, the Curreys, who live in Van.  There was some uncooperative weather on this particular evening and I think we will long remember the chaos in trying to load and unload a couch on a flatbed trailer in the … Continue reading Rain, Shine, Multitasking Photo Shoot

How This Home School Family finishes up their school year with a Co-Op

My 2nd child received her Kindergarten Diploma a few nights ago.  We homeschool but we do enjoy the company and structure that a Homeschool Co-op offers our family.  I love seeing how my children interact with their peers and enjoy seeing them walking down the halls to their  classes. Being a product of public school, … Continue reading How This Home School Family finishes up their school year with a Co-Op

Day 6 – Jamberry Nails Experiment

Mondays are a mixture of FUN and STRESS! Mondays are our Homeschool Co-Op day. I am the Art Teacher and I teach three art classes, ages ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade.  I pretty much look like I'm "moving in" and "moving out" every time I walk into this building.  I'm carrying easels, art … Continue reading Day 6 – Jamberry Nails Experiment