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Rebecca has always had a passion for art.  It began in her early childhood as she admired the beautiful oil paintings that her grandmother created and hung on the walls of their family’s home. Rebecca aspired to always be an artist in some shape or form.

She first started working with kids in 1998 as a summer camp counselor, traveling and promoting the small christian college she attended in Tampa, Florida.  Rebecca later went on to work as the Student Tour Coordinator and Docent trainer for the Tyler Museum of Art.  She scheduled tours of the art exhibitions that traveled to east Texas for public, private and home schools within the community. Students were educated on the various artists, mediums, and techniques through group tours. After the tours, children went into the art classroom where they had a hands on experience, recreating what they saw and learned that day.

Rebecca went on to write and illustrate her own children’s books based on her personal experience working in the non-profit world with volunteers. Currently, Rebecca teaches Art classes to 40+ students at a local home-school co-op, where she focuses on educating her students on art history, technique and developing individual creativity.

Contact for further information and availability on art classes or art parties.

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