Jamberry Nails Experiment

After creating my blog, “Renaissance Southpaw,” I was contacted by someone who I would consider a friend but not someone I know too well. Her name is Jill and she and I used to live in the same area but really didn’t hang out. It wasn’t until after sjill beamonhe moved about 3 hours away that she and I developed more of a Facebook Friendship and conversed every now and then about kids, photography, schooling, home improvement type stuff.  She contacted me and had an unusual request, yet, I was kind of honored that she would ask me. She prefaced her message by stating that she wasn’t soliciting me or asking me to buy, but rather wanting me to do an experiment on a product that she LOVES and sells. The name of the product is “Jamberry Nails.” Have you heard of them? I’m thinking you probably have.   But maybe there are those out there that have not. Maybe you know of someone that has thrown a Jamberry Nails party or you’ve seen the cute little nail wraps with every possible pattern, theme, holiday, favorite sports team you can imagine.

So here’s where the experiment part came in, “How long would a set of Jamberry Nails last on a gal in the middle of a home renovation?”  Honestly, I winced a bit when I read what she was proposing because I can hardly keep nail polish on my fingernails and I NEVER get manicures for this very reason, not worth the money. AND now she wants me to document the longevity of this product. Jill told me that she loved having testimonials on the Jamberry Nails  and thought this might be a fun testimonial to document. I don’t want to KILL her business!  But again, it sounded kind of fun. Plus, I got to get FREE wraps and pick out some really cute patterns! I agreed to this CHALLENGE and if you would like to see how long I can wear one set then follow these upcoming posts.

Screenshot (19)

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