Lake House-Living Room Transformation Diary- Part 2

We considered painting the flimsy, dark paneling a lighter shade to lighten the room. However,  we discovered that there was no sheetrock or any kind of insulation between the paneling and the bedroom walls that flank both sides of the living room. Three things: #1 This meant that there was no sound barrier.  We didn't want... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Jamberry Nails Experiment

This was the day that my inlaws were coming into town to see our "Dirty Diamond,"  share in a celebration for my daughter's 8th birthday and spend some quality time with the family. I wonder why I didn't take more pictures of my fingernails that day??? Probably because I was STRESSING OUT TO THE MAX!... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, Jonathan took the day off of work.  Most of his fixer upper time is in the evenings.  I feel bad for him.  I know he works hard during the day and then comes home to more work.  Although, I think the house work is more therapeutic for him...or at least I keep telling myself that... Continue Reading →

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