Custom DIY Holiday Cards on a Budget

  Oh how I LOVE Christmas Cards! I love creating them & most of all I love receiving them from friends and family! I wish I could send them to every one of my friends & acquaintances but have you taken a look at postage lately? ... It ain't cheap ! And if you've ever … Continue reading Custom DIY Holiday Cards on a Budget

International “Southpaw” Day Today, August 13th is "International  Southpaw Day."  This also means "International Left handed People Day".  Huffington post ran a small article about the challenges of a Southpaw in a right handed world. All of these are so true! For me, the worst was the right handed desk. 2nd, the spiral notebooks, 3rd, the scissors---well … Continue reading International “Southpaw” Day

Stress and Faith

Saw this picture posted today on Facebook and it is such a great reminder for me today and everyday!  I often put myself in "stressful" situations. Partly because I enjoy the challenge and partly because it's hard for me to say, "NO." When I pray, I do ask God to guide me and give me … Continue reading Stress and Faith

Meaningful Texts

A few nights ago, I received this text from Jessie,one of my very dear college friends.  It has been several years  since I wrote these books and several years since Greta died but I  LOVE getting these little notes here and there about how my books have touched little hearts, especially the children of sweet friends.