Custom DIY Holiday Cards on a Budget

  Oh how I LOVE Christmas Cards! I love creating them & most of all I love receiving them from friends and family! I wish I could send them to every one of my friends & acquaintances but have you taken a look at postage lately? ... It ain't cheap ! And if you've ever … Continue reading Custom DIY Holiday Cards on a Budget

Salado- The Best Art Town in Texas and So Much More

Well here we are on a little anniversary getaway trying to get our bearings on where to go first in the old Texas town of Salado. I'm still pretty new to all that Texas has to offer and it is fun just driving to these new places. The scenery is so varied. Last year at … Continue reading Salado- The Best Art Town in Texas and So Much More

Photo Contest, Homeschooling and Fishing

We have started a new school year and continue our journey using the same curriculum we have used from the very beginning. There are so many resources out there for Homeschooling and it can be overwhelming. I'm kind of a creature of habit. I order the same thing when I go to restaurants and I … Continue reading Photo Contest, Homeschooling and Fishing

Almost Famous

The last couple of weeks have required our family to take a step back from home improvement responsibilities and focus on LIFE.  With a weekly Gospel meeting at our church, school getting ready to start back up, work, last minute summer outings, etc. We just couldn't invest much time with the hammer, paint, and floors. … Continue reading Almost Famous

Taking a VACATION from your Lake Home

I know that when I type, "Lake Home" it probably encompasses a variety of thoughts into your head; peaceful, serene, laid back, dreamy, a place worth vacationing to.  But for us, the words that now come into our heads are the contrast of the ones mentioned above. I'll let you go back and insert those … Continue reading Taking a VACATION from your Lake Home

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Last week I dragged myself in to my lovely Dr.'s office to get all of my check ups.  I was LONG over due and every time I would tell some one how LONG it had been since my last check up, they would GASP!  With every GASP I began to find myself worrying a little … Continue reading Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Photographing a Home School Co-Op Graduation

 I have the honor of photographing the Cottage Garden Class of 2015 tomorrow morning. Cottage Garden is a Home School co-op.  It has been around for over 16+ years.  I did it last year for the Class of 2014 and I think I'm just as nervous.   I don't do weddings. Well I've done two--and … Continue reading Photographing a Home School Co-Op Graduation

Happy Anniversary MOM & DAD

After 39 years of marriage, the two in the middle have grown into a family of 15, soon to be 16 members!  Sure we have our moments of frustration with one another, but overall the bond that keeps us "glued" together is STRONG!  That "glue" is God!   We know if we put HIM first, … Continue reading Happy Anniversary MOM & DAD

Rain, Shine, Multitasking Photo Shoot

The night before the horrific tornado in Van, I had a photo shoot with some sweet friends, the Curreys, who live in Van.  There was some uncooperative weather on this particular evening and I think we will long remember the chaos in trying to load and unload a couch on a flatbed trailer in the … Continue reading Rain, Shine, Multitasking Photo Shoot