Almost Famous

The last couple of weeks have required our family to take a step back from home improvement responsibilities and focus on LIFE.  With a weekly Gospel meeting at our church, school getting ready to start back up, work, last minute summer outings, etc. We just couldn't invest much time with the hammer, paint, and floors.... Continue Reading →

I Love What Chrome Can Do!!

Every time I go into Hobby Lobby, At Home or various other department home stores I longingly eye the pretty lamps.  I  love a house full of light!  Natural light is the best!  But, seeing a warm glow from a lamp whether it be day or night, needed or not needed....I LOVE how light adds... Continue Reading →


              We knew this house was going to be a lot of work! These stains in the master bedroom caused me to ask our realtor, "No one was killed in here, RIGHT?" He replied, "No." (I think legally he has to answer me truthfully- and I'm a pretty trusting... Continue Reading →

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