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When someone is called a “Renaissance man” or “Renaissance woman” today, it is meant that, rather than simply having broad interests or superficial knowledge in several fields, he or she possesses a more profound knowledge and a proficiency, or even an expertise, in at least some of those fields.

Am I claiming to be a Renaissance Woman? BOY, I wish I could! However, I find myself being drawn to learning new things and educating myself in different forms. I LOVE art! I LOVE Photography! Music! History! Sewing! Cooking! Homemaking! Motherhood! Marriage! Homeschooling! Writing and Illustrating children’s books, A LOVE for my pets! A love for being outside! A love of sports! Fixing up FIXER UPPERS! And all the while doing my very best to not let them interfere with me wanting to be the best Christian I can be. Yet, never do I feel like I measure up. It’s a balancing act on a very tight rope over the Grand Canyon it seems. With all the many responsibilities I have, I still have dreams and goals and I have a wonderful husband and family that support me in ALL my ventures!

As for the “Southpaw”… Well if you are left handed, then I don’t have to tell ya. But for those of you “RIGHTIES” out there, “Southpaw” has been a term that I have come to somewhat hold dear. It is a boxing and baseball term for a left handed person. And since so many of my interests involve the left hand, Renaissance SOUTHPAW it is!

Being a lefty hasn’t always been easy. I guess it was the first “obstacle” as a young child that I had to overcome. Preschool–scissors–not so easy when they are all right handed. Kindergarten–getting reprimanded by my teacher for using my left and encouraging me to write with my right, this was the 80’s people! High school–the right handed desks…and spiral notebooks….oh the AGONY!!! However, I learned there were advantages to being left handed in sports. No one wanted to play tennis with a lefty ;>) I also learned of the long list of presidents, famous artists, and actors who were/are left handed. We are a creative bunch! And I EMBRACE IT! Just wish some of my children carried the gene.

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  1. Hi there, your brick mortar wash tutorial is the best one I have found and I’ve been searching the internet for weeks. Thank you. Your before brick looks different depending on the photo, in some it’s more tan/brown, and in others it looks more pink/red/salmon. Which would you say it truly was to begin with? I have salmon colored brick, and I’m thinking of doing this, but I hesitate if your brick was more brown than pink to begin with. I can send you a pic if that would help.


    1. Thanks Trisha! I couldn’t find any good tutorials either…that is why I made one 😉

      Our brick is definitely more tan/brown. I’m not sure what a pink/salmon colored brick would do? I wouldn’t want it to turn out a cotton candy pink color. However, depending on how “sloppy” you want your mortar, you could almost make the entire brick white if you wanted. The white mortar almost leaves a white film over the brick color. So if you wanted to rid yourself of pink altogether, I think it is possible.
      If you are considering doing this over a large area…perhaps you could go to a local brick/stone business…buy 2-3 bricks that match what you have…then do a practice wash over those and see what the end results will be. Might help settle your concerns before beginning. Would love to see a before and after pic :>)


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