Interchangeable Seasonal Burlap Wreath

In between home renovation projects, when I’m waiting on the husband to get home from work, I  love searching Pinterest for inspiration on how to decorate my Dirty Diamond.  It’s so hard when all of your seasonal decorations are packed away in storage and you really don’t have the place to decorate.  BUT, I do have a front door!  And it is newly painted and screaming for a seasonal wreath!  The inside might not be Parade of Homes worthy but we can “Fake it til we Make it” on the outside.  (Hmmmm?  I wouldn’t use this same philosophy when it comes to human beings.  One really should work on the inside first.)

I discovered Dallas Moms Blog on Pinterest.  Out of all of the fall wreathes that I scrolled through I was drawn to hers and her easy tutorial.  The cool thing about this wreath is that it can change seasons/holidays without leaving your door.   And the best part, at least for me, was to  learn that she is a New Mexican girl living in Texas—!

So if you want a pretty wreath and an easy tutorial to follow click HERE

Here is what my  wreath looked like with the Fall theme and the Christmas theme.

Wreathe fall
I added Halloween decor and then pumpkins and fall decor for Thanksgiving (which are not shown).  Let your imagination go with the possibilities.


wreathe winter
I replaced the orange burlap with red burlap and added some red and white berries to make it more festive. Hmmmm? What should I do for the spring?

3 thoughts on “Interchangeable Seasonal Burlap Wreath

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  1. I cannot get my burlap loops to stay when just using one ring per color. The weaving method is easy, but what holds it from slipping out of the ring when not using the weaving method?


    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I liked her wreath and used it as inspiration but it does seem to be missing a step on securing the burlap. I have made a few more wreaths and have added wire to secure the ribbon in place. I tie it so that you can’t see the wire. I’ve also referred to another tutorial,that may help you as well. I will attach it below. This tutorial is burlap all the way through but you can still take the twist idea and secure it with wire on each ring. Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. Hope that helps you. Definitely a trial and error thing. But so much better than buying a store bought wreath…and cheaper.


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