Lake House Living Room Transformation Diary-Part 5

On our Thanksgiving break we left our children with my parents for several days so that we could begin installing the wooden floor.  Jonathan had installed laminate, wooden floor in our previous home.  However, he floated the floor and clicked it together. The  floor in our Dirty Diamond was going to be engineered wood and we were going to glue it down.  It was a new experience and he told me that both installations have their pros and cons but after doing both he prefers the glue down.  I would agree.  Just the quality seems so much more permanent and solid.  The laminate, click together has a more “click/clack” sound under the foot.  The glue down seems to feel like you are stepping on solid floor and less noise under foot.  IMG_3143

So lets get started and cut to the chase!  I know my friends and family have been prodding me to get this post up.

wood flooring install

We began getting all the wood out and inspecting what we had to work with.

We started in the entry and worked our way into the hallway where the kids’ bedrooms and guest bathroom are located .  This part took the longest because of the smaller space, corners and baseboards.

This is as far as we were able to get after the Thanksgiving break. It really does take some time. We felt we were getting faster as were getting the hang of it and working together. But, LIFE steps in and we needed to get  back to our routines of working and children. We continued working through the week after Jonathan would get home from work.

Our “Dirty Diamond Groupies” watching us outside the window. Our furry FAN club, Luna and Lasso.

I mentioned before in previous blogs that my goal was to have a Christmas tree up for my kids this year.  We didn’t have one last year due to our move.  I was so sad about that.  Our kids have been such troopers during this experience and haven’t complained one bit.  The most important thing to me during this season of our lives is that they can look back and remember with fondness this time. I want them to have memories of holidays and family traditions.  So in the middle of our floor installation I bought a tree and gathered our ornaments from storage.   What a unique tree decorating experience. Not sure if we’ll ever have another one like it.

Yes, that is a fake fire place heater/insert.  We are not quite ready to light the fire in the fireplace.  We need to hire a chimney sweep, but at this moment we wanted to create the “atmosphere” for the children. 


Later in the week getting back to it to finish it out.




We still have most of our belongings in storage and my walls are bare.  But, with this board and batten look I almost hate to cover them up with anything.  I’m kind of liking this minimalist look. I may just sell everything in storage and keep my life more simple.  :>)

Before and after

As many of you know our family still has much to do.  We need to finish the kitchen, laundry room, and our master bathroom (that will be a HUGE transformation).  I really hope that you will continue to follow us on our journey.   And for those of you who have followed and encouraged us with your comments, we “THANK YOU!”   It is fun to share in our excitement as things transform into something ugly to something pretty.



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