Lake House Living Room Transformation Diary- Part 4

You guys are being so patient and I do appreciate it!  You see…I know you think that I have the room all done and staged just perfectly;  strategically  placed lamps and rugs under the newly bought furniture.  Ummm…yeah not quite….yet.   In fact, just minutes ago I asked my husband, “Are you ready to lay down some more flooring?”  His reply, “Well, we could do like 3 or 4 rows before calling it a night.”  Yep!  It’s quite a process for us newbies.  I now believe what my husband told me when he read that installing glue-down wooden flooring  can take 10-12 hours per 400 square feet.  When he told me this, I scoffed.  Well not US!  Yes, US and probably more.  UGH!  We’re in our late 30’s and let me just say we feel like we are in our 90’s every morning as we hang our feet over the side of the bed and let things stretch out.  We take three Ibuprofen with our highly caffeinated coffee each morning.  But I sit down with my coffee, on a little unmatching love seat, that rests its legs atop the installed flooring and I grin behind my coffee mug…because I’m so stinking HAPPY!  WE did it!! We actually DID IT! People thought we were crazy and look at this!!

First things first.  We will continue this little walk down memory lane, for ME anyways…for you, this is all new stuff…but for us…memories.

We have carpet up and gone, ceilings scraped of all popcorn, updated fire place and mantle, board and batten hung, baseboards and crown installed, rebuilt window frame, new fan and aluminum paint on the floor….wait WHAT?!?! I know, I know we haven’t discussed this in prior posts.  So here is a quick summary of why we painted the floor with aluminum paint.

Like I have said before, this Dirty Diamond was D.I.R.T.Y. The smell was like a huge Tsunami of odor that hit you when you walked through the door, this is why we pulled up the carpet on the very first night hoping that it would relieve us of the stench.  It helped but we still fought it for weeks.  We tried everything!  Bleach on the floors, baking soda, white vinegar, expensive industrial grade chemicals to kill bacteria and germs, oil diffusers, Lysol, etc.   Then we started pulling off walls, scraping the popcorn off the ceilings (which harbor many smells),  pulling the moldy cabinets out of the house and throwing them away.  Little by little it was getting better but still IT was there!

We were getting ready to have our new carpet installed in the bedrooms but we were fearful that the smells would only come back. It seemed like the floor was permanently contaminated. I have a childhood friend who has worked in construction and remodels and he was following our progress on Facebook.  He read about our frustration with the smells.  He privately contacted me and told me that the only way to truly rid your home of  existing smells (from pet stains and the like) is to paint Aluminum Paint on the floors and up the sides of the wall where pets can do the most damage.  He expressed that there were homes they didn’t  use aluminum paint and months after the install of new flooring the smells came back and the new homeowner would call them back to remove the flooring.  THEN they would paint the floor with aluminum paint and not have any more problems.  It sounded a little crazy to me.  I looked it up on Pinterest, I looked it up on Google,  I looked it up on various search engines and NEVER could find aluminum paint being a solution to household odors.  But you see, we were desperate!!!!! 

I went to Lowes, found a gallon of Aluminum Paint for under $30 and we got to painting the floors and some of the lower part of the bedroom walls.  I have to say it was BEAUTIFUL!! So shiny and smooth, like a sea of glass.  Maybe in my next home I’ll just have a room with Aluminum floors. ;>)  I had a friend who paints homes for a living and when he saw our floors he said that was an interesting concept because they would use Aluminum Paint to paint homes with fire damage to remove the smell of smoke.  YEAH!! More confirmation that maybe this would finally work for us….AND I’m happy to say… after about 7-8 months of living here, we haven’t had a problem with the  smell returning.  Well that was a longer summary than I wanted to give. But it may be very useful to someone one day.


We got to work caulking the trim and boards (probably the most tedious part of the board and batten look).  Then Jonathan got to painting the  walls with primer.  Then we painted the walls the colors I mentioned in the previous post. And we are extremely happy with the choice!! Looks great with the fireplace!!

Our next project was to make this room even lighter.  It was a dark room to begin with and we knew can lighting would make all of the difference! There is a tool you can buy for your drill that cuts the perfect size for your can light.  So handy. Cutting holes into your ceiling is a SCARY thing! So we found this website that helped us with the math on how and where to place the lights for the best results in lighting your room. Here is the link. Recessed lighting

So, Here it is ! The Semi-BIG reveal!!  Yes, there is more!  What do you think, so far?   I’m ecstatic!  My parents say, “Well You won’t want to move now! Will you?!?”  It might be a little hard to leave.  But, we have BIG plans for our future and this Dirty Diamond was another one of our stepping stones.  At least we can really enjoy our living space until the next stone comes into sight.

Keep following for the next few days.  We still have our flooring and of course the Christmas tree reveal which was my goal from the beginning of this Living Room Diary.


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