Lake House-Living Room Transformation Diary- Part 2

We considered painting the flimsy, dark paneling a lighter shade to lighten the room. However,  we discovered that there was no sheetrock or any kind of insulation between the paneling and the bedroom walls that flank both sides of the living room.

Three things:

#1 This meant that there was no sound barrier.  We didn’t want to hear the television noise coming through to our rooms.

#2 No sheetrock between walls would mean that if this house were to catch on fire (prayers that this never happens) there would be no barrier to slow down the flames to give us time to “GET OUT!”  The wood paneling would be gone in minutes and so would everything else.  The sheetrock provides a type of safety that slows down the fire and gives our family the time to “GET OUT!.”

#3  The wood paneling has harbored years of old house smell.   There was a mixture of cigarette smoke, pet odors, and mustiness that no amount of Kilz Priming paint could rid our house from.

#4  (I know I said only 3, but this house has so many lists of numbers of what NOT and WHAT to do) The paneling was U.G.L.Y. and DARK and DARK and DARK and U.G.L.Y and DARK! It just needed to go!

Jonathan FIRST scraped the popcorn off the ceilings!  Let me tell you what a difference that makes in a living quarters.  The popcorn ceiling also falls into reason #3.  The smells of cigarette smoke just literally fell to the floor as he scraped it to the ground.  It was really gross to see that when you spray the ceiling with water and then proceed to use a hand scraper, the popcorn turns into a nasty shade of gray sludge that splattered to the floor and reeked of smoke.

All of these acts of removal left the room looking more like a shell, but a CLEAN shell.  I didn’t mind us walking through this room as much knowing that it was free from all of the past.

As you may remember from a previous post, I tackled and experimented with a brick and mortar wash on my sunroom and fireplace.  To this day, still one of my favorite things I have ever done, home improvement wise. I get so many positive comments and people asking if they should try it on their fireplaces.

The next thing we did was take out the sheetrock in the entry way.  We wanted to create more of a consistency with the living room and the entry way to be the same look rather than what it was before with dark, wood paneling and wallpaper.  I recorded a short video (mainly for my husband to watch my progress and snicker at me while he was at work).


Well that does it for Part 2 of Lake House-Living Room Transformation Diary.  We’re really close to the BIG reveal, so stay tuned for Part 3!

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