Ugly Bathroom Transformation

In order to feel like we could move into this Dirty Diamond, Fixer Upper one of the MUSTS was to have a working bathroom.  And not just any working bathroom would do.  I didn’t want to feel like we had just stepped into a bathroom that resembled a run down, yucky, foul smelling gas station restroom where you had to go ask for the key before stepping foot into it?  (Do they even have gas stations that still do this anymore or has Bucky’s taken over the country…or at least Texas?)buckysIMG_0475

This house has two bathrooms.  We decided to get started on the guest bathroom first for the sake of our children and it wasn’t in as bad a shape as the Master bathroom.  That is a story for another day.

The guest bathroom had at least two layers of wall paper. You know the PRETTY kind that has a nice metallic sheen when you look at it from just the right angle (said in my most sarcastic tone).  The bathroom also had a lovely shade of Pepto pink floor tiles with GREEN grout (yes, GREEN) .  I also don’t want to forget to mention the damp musty smell from the mold that had developed under the sink.  This discovery of the mold caused us to rethink about the cabinetry and realize that we needed to rebuild it.  And that is what we (Jonathan) did, I supervised ;>)LakeHousedit-6

First things first, I enlisted my child labor and put them to work and they did it with HUGE smiles on their faces.

My happy girl in all situations.
Applying a mixture or water and a wallpaper and paste remover -Piranha Brand
Not all wallpaper wants to cooperate and come off when you ask it to. I think years and years of shower steam and time make it a permanent fixture. UGH!

Once wallpaper was removed, we hired “professionals”  to come in and re-texture the walls.  What a difference that made in our life not having to tape and bed the sheet rock and then texture the walls of the house!! It was worth every PENNY!  I painted the walls, Sherwin Williams- Mindful Gray.

The pepto pink tile had to go! Plus, it just looked gross.    We wanted to keep the cost low and not spend a lot on the floors of this house.  I keep in mind that I won’t live here forever and as long as it looks nice and clean, the house will sell.  We bought these tiles for under a $1 a piece and it looks really nice and much cleaner A-N-D the green grout is HISTORY!


The original plan was just to paint the cabinets and install a new counter top, sink, and faucet.  But once we really got into it we discovered the mold and moisture under the cabinet and knew we needed to to take it out.  My husband is so handy and decided to rebuild the existing cabinet and keep the front facing cabinet doors and drawers.

Once the cabinets were built, I helped putty and fill the outdated decorative door facing, sand it down, paint, purchase updated hardware, tile a back-splash (my very first time), re-purpose the existing mirror by re-using the chair railing that we had pulled off the hallway walls to frame out the mirror.  WHEW!!!


Oh and to add the cherry on the top we found the SWEETEST light fixture at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for right under $30.  These lights sell for way over $100 at your major lighting stores.  SO we LUCKED OUT because we found TWO -brand new!   So make sure you check your ReStore,Goodwill, and Salvation Army stores on a regular basis. There are times we go in and find NOTHING but the days you do find SOMETHING it usually is SOMETHING!!!

We also realized after several uses of the shower that we needed to install a vent to pull out the steam.   Towels would remain wet until the next day, hanging on the  towel rack. It was just so humid in this room!  Once again, Jonathan surprised me with his knowledge on how to do all of this and cut a HOLE in the ceiling.  Can you tell  I trust this guy?  Although, he might tell you otherwise due to all of my questions with every little sawing motion.wpid-20150713_200028.jpg


ALRIGHT! So this is what we have!  You can decide for yourself if you like or if you don’t. But whatever your thoughts, you have to admit it looks better than it did! :>)



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  1. Great Job guys & gals!!! Beautiful working with new & re-purposing the old!!! So proud of you!!!!
    Lot’s of work went into this bathroom!!!


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