We’ve Got Spirit! How ‘Bout YOU?!?!

Recently one of my husband’s co-workers ran across my blog and saw that I like to draw and “stuff” ;>).  She brought a new type of request to test my artistic ability and see if it could stretch in the direction of school spirit.   I have a hard time saying, “No” and enjoy challenges. Plus I do LOVE school spirit and Homecoming Week (even though we homeschool ;>) !

My husband brought home two black, plastic buckets that his co worker had bought from Wal-Mart for about $5 each.  Each bucket was for her son, Bryson who is the Varsity Quarterback for the John Tyler Lions and the second bucket was for his sister, Taylor, a Varsity Cheerleader for the John Tyler Lions. As a fun gift to show school spirit, LOVE and SUPPORT, Bryson and Taylor’s parents have given their children a Homecoming Care Package with all sorts of gifts and goodies in years past. This year they wished to do the same thing but be more custom and personalized.  The buckets were my blank canvases and I had the freedom to CREATE! This is the hardest part…where to start?


Pinterest is ALWAYS my go to.  I need inspiration to give me that confidence and I feel Pinterest is the best place to see other creative minds and what they produce.

black lion
I painted everything with a base black, acrylic paint. Then added my layers of color to build up from my base.

I worked on this project for about 2 weeks off and on.  I didn’t want to rush my efforts before their Homecoming Game. I had so much fun with the Chrome Spray paint from another previous project  that I wanted to use it again for Bryson.   Now this black plastic bucket looks like a galvanized tin bucket that didn’t cost too much.

Homecoming 3
My husband’s great idea to incorporate Bryson’s team number into his name “2.” Can you see it??
Bryson’s given name by his teammates.

homecoming bucket                                                                                                                                                    Now Taylor’s favorite color is PINK.  So we spray painted her bucket a pretty shade with accents of Blue and White, John Tyler’s school colors.  homecominI am pleased with how they both turned out.  My husband told me that his friend at work really LOVED them and couldn’t wait to decorate and fill the inside with all of their Homecoming Goodies!

wpid-20151012_181738.jpgHomecoming bucket 2

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