Beam Me UP Scotty!

Things are coming together little by little on this Dirty Diamond Lake House. I find myself getting GIDDY with all the visible victories. A couple of months ago we brought in river rock, mulch and plants for the flower beds which totally transformed the house. I still look at this past project with joy and do not think I would change a single thing…except that I might put a 8 foot tall barbwire fence around my flowers in the mulch bed to keep my three dogs from digging, laying in and doing their “business” within its borders. Very frustrating! But I still love them and even though they make me so mad at times they are our home’s GREATEST PROTECTORS! ;>) I don’t have to worry with them around.

Another project we were excited to get started on was replacing the posts on our front porch. They were old, rickety, rotted and literally swinging. I had a vision and I played around with some ideas on my Photoshop program. I took a photo I had taken of the house and then added some cedar posts, wooden shutters, painted the door and wooden shutters. It was a real ROUGH draft of a picture but it sure did help me visualize it a little more clearly.

House exterior copy
Tinkering away with Photoshop one evening.
The posts. Not too bad of a look but we wanted something different.

You can watch our video of how we installed the new posts below.





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