Photo Contest, Homeschooling and Fishing

Sonlight Website Header of my family
Sonlight Website Header of my family

We have started a new school year and continue our journey using the same curriculum we have used from the very beginning. There are so many resources out there for Homeschooling and it can be overwhelming. I’m kind of a creature of habit. I order the same thing when I go to restaurants and I keep with the same curriculum if it continues to work.  “If it ain’t broke…” I KNOW HORRIBLE grammar!

Our curriculum of choice is the Sonlight curriculum. Every year they have a photo contest to win $ to go toward future curriculum. If your photo wins you also get on the cover of their curriculum catalog which goes out to thousands of families all over the world. We have not ever won, however, two years ago when we entered we did get our photo and “story” inserted within the catalog pages. That was kind of cool. About a year later I was contacted by a fellow home school mom who informed me that our family picture was on the cover of the Sonlight website. WHAT?!!?! How long has it been there? It continues to be the first picture you encounter when you go  Hmmmm? I’m thinking we deserve some kind of discount when we order in the future. I’m sure I clicked some box that stated that they could use my photo in whatever marketing way they want. Oh well.Sonlight website phone

Sonlight 2016 Photo Contest Final
This is the one I entered.

Last night was their deadline for the 2016 Catalog. As always I wait til the very last possible moment to enter (I work better under pressure). We headed down to the lake for some fun family shots. Maybe a little staged..but it is what SELLS people! Also, great to get some shots of our family in this time of our lives and see how much my kids have grown since the last photo submission. And while we were at the lake we actually did fish a little. My husband caught two!!Fishing5

And threw them back–even though my son was crushed!  My family is good to pose for me and let mommy have a little fun.


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