Stress and Faith


Saw this picture posted today on Facebook and it is such a great reminder for me today and everyday!  I often put myself in “stressful” situations. Partly because I enjoy the challenge and partly because it’s hard for me to say, “NO.”

When I pray, I do ask God to guide me and give me the strength to accomplish my goals. He always does. Sometimes I don’t understand the ROAD that I’m on and why it just seems to keep winding, bending, turning never reaching an undetermined destination? That to me is Faith, knowing  I’ll get there eventually.

“In GOD’s time” has become the mantra in our lives. When Jonathan and I were married, we asked our guests in the audience to sing, “In His Time.” I cried like a baby all through the song. But, it holds such a sweet place in our hearts when we hear that song and it reminds me, “He makes all things beautiful, in His time.”wpid-wp-1439390708634.jpeg

He truly  does! I have learned there is a huge level of humility that must take place!  I have to turn it over to God and say, “Your Will be done, Lord. Not mine” That is so tough to do. I’M A DOER…and it’s hard to wait. So often we just want to force situations to speed it up.

Here is what I do, I pray and ask God to give me a direction?  If this is a path I should take that would  benefit my  family, let it be. However, if this path is detrimental or could cause hardship later on, please close this door so that there is no question on my end on how I should proceed. Usually, I get those  “doors that close” pretty quickly. It brings me peace, oddly enough. I don’t sit and dwell on the “what ifs.” I move on to another road and see where it leads.  And I thank God for protecting and guiding me and my family.
We did this with this Dirty Diamond of a home.

imageI went through the steps mentioned above and doors never closed, they kept opening. I kept telling myself, “humble yourself…He will lift you up.”  Jonathan and I both prayed before every call we made in the buying of this home. “Lord, if they don’t accept this low-ball offer…then we’ll move on. (And I won’t be upset one bit over it ;). The homeowners accepted  it and brought the price down even lower. That is an open door and we walked through it.
We’re still on a journey with this house. It is bending and winding a whole lot!  But, we have peace knowing that “we’re acknowledging Him, and He will make our paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6


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