International “Southpaw” Day Today, August 13th is "International  Southpaw Day."  This also means "International Left handed People Day".  Huffington post ran a small article about the challenges of a Southpaw in a right handed world. All of these are so true! For me, the worst was the right handed desk. 2nd, the spiral notebooks, 3rd, the scissors---well … Continue reading International “Southpaw” Day

Stress and Faith

Saw this picture posted today on Facebook and it is such a great reminder for me today and everyday!  I often put myself in "stressful" situations. Partly because I enjoy the challenge and partly because it's hard for me to say, "NO." When I pray, I do ask God to guide me and give me … Continue reading Stress and Faith

Almost Famous

The last couple of weeks have required our family to take a step back from home improvement responsibilities and focus on LIFE.  With a weekly Gospel meeting at our church, school getting ready to start back up, work, last minute summer outings, etc. We just couldn't invest much time with the hammer, paint, and floors. … Continue reading Almost Famous