I Love What Chrome Can Do!!

Every time I go into Hobby Lobby, At Home or various other department home stores I longingly eye the pretty lamps.  I  love a house full of light!  Natural light is the best!  But, seeing a warm glow from a lamp whether it be day or night, needed or not needed….I LOVE how light adds that sparkle to a room.  Unfortunately lamps can be expensive. Especially the pretty ones.  Then to make it worse, the lamp shade is NOT included!  What!?!?!  $50 + just for the base and another $25 + for the shade!  That can add up pretty quickly.

Recently I have been drawn to the pretty metallic lamp bases.    The ones that have almost a mercury/mirrored look.  I think it’s because it is a trend right now and I’m seeing pretty shiny lamps in all things decorating.  One day I got depressed after returning a beautiful, metallic lamp to its shelf.  I had placed it in my cart and eventually talked myself out of the purchase. I decided I had nothing to lose in first trying an experiment with lamps we already owned.  These lamps were purchased years before from the Salvation army.  If I recall they were brass.  We spray painted them black.  Which in itself are great for the right room.  But my style keeps changing through the years.  I considered all of the different kinds of spray paints out there and decided on “CHROME.”  Wasn’t really sure how it would do?But here are the results!

20150707_185644 If you want perfection, Chrome might frustrate you. The spray paint kind of takes a mind of its own and leaves areas that are splotchy. It depends on gravity and the surface you spray it on. I kind of like the imperfections. Gives it character.

I LOVED this look so much, I wanted to paint another one. The next lamp was a black ceramic lamp with a wood base.


Took the Chrome spray paint to it!


This look may not be for everyone. But for the time being I am so pleased! And mainly because I saved a whole lot of money! I did purchase this finial for the top of one of the lamps. I didn’t know they made such a thing but it was only $3. I thought it was a pretty touch.LAMPS-3


Now the lamps are in my bedroom adding the warmth that I so desire in my home.


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