Re-Purpose Those Outdated Ceiling Fans

As we are coming to a place where light fixtures,  hardware, and appliances need to be replaced and updated, I find it hard to decide what to replace it with?  I have had this mindset for so long to save money and don’t buy NEW but just go to Good Will, Salvation Arm or Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.  But it’s a treasure hunt.  Hit or miss. It can take months before the right thing shows up.

Because of my frugal mindset, I have difficulty wanting to pay $80-$200 on a new fan per room, especially when we are trying to keep costs low to stay within a budget.   I know that we will have to bite the bullet and buy brand new on some things, but if I can re-purpose and use things we already have, I get super HAPPY!

The picture below is not a great picture.  In fact, it was the first night in the home as we ripped up the disgusting carpet.  I cropped it down so you can see it maybe a little more clearly.  I had no intention of keeping this fan, so I didn’t take any “Before” pictures.  This fan was in our Master bedroom and as you can see it has the  outdated brass (although I’ve heard it’s making a comeback), red stained blades, and the additional cobweb or two.

When we….let me clarify….my HUSBAND, scraped the popcorn off the ceilings we took down all the fans in every room and tossed them in the garage.   One day after feeling like I hadn’t gotten ANYTHING done and I saw some left over spray paint, I decided I was just going to see what spray paint would like on an old, icky fan??  LakeHouse-18

To my DELIGHT it looked pretty good! I put several coats on the light kit, base, and even the blades. I did tape over the little filters to keep the paint from blocking out any air ventilation but other than I just painted away. I still wasn’t sure if this would look good in our home so I asked my husband to try installing it in my girls’ room since their room’s decor has a lot of white accents and furniture.


When I walked into their room I was ecstatic! I just saved about $100! The thing I’ve learned in looking through the home improvement stores is that fans are not usually SUPER beautiful. I don’t look at them and say “WOW!! That is GORGEOUS!!!” If I didn’t have to have any, I wouldn’t. But, this is east Texas, enough said. As long as it spins and circulates the air and looks somewhat up to date, I’m good with that!!

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