Renovation Slumber Party

When your house is in the middle of a renovation you try to stay focused on what that involves.  Entertaining guests and having a dinner party isn’t really on your “To Do” List.  However, if you are renovating a house and you have children under the age of 10, they don’t care what the house looks like and still want to have a birthday party whether your house is presentable or NOT!  After all, they’ve waited a WHOLE 12 months since the last one.

My middle childJamberry Nails (1 of 40) has been doing the birthday count down since December 26th.   She wears me out asking “How many days til my birthday?”  Then suddenly she asks me “How many days til my birthday?” And my answer shocks me when it comes out of my mouth, “Seven days…????”  I know I could have said, “Hey! We’ll just head to Chuck E. Cheese.”  But, I’m not really a Chuck E. Cheese kind of mom.  I bit my lip and tossed and turned during the night, “Do I let my FRIENDS come see this mess we’re living in? Will they feel comfortable letting their precious children spend the night in our construction  zone?”  Mentally, I had to prepare myself to send out the invitation and push out the worrisome Becky who whispered negative thoughts into my mind and bring out the CONFIDENT Becky and say “WHO Cares?! This is the path you chose, be sure of your decisions! Let your friends in and ENJOY your children! Let your children have the great memories of friends and family enjoying the moments.”    So, that is what we did!

I gave the HOUSE tour to all the moms and dads that dropped their kids off.  I didn’t apologize.  Do you ever have to tell yourself a head of time, “Don’t apologize or try to explain every little detail away? I do, unfortunately.  But, it’s a conversation I have to have with myself and it is necessary.  I know our friends are “our friends” because of who we are and not because of what we have or lack there of.

The GREAT thing is that most of the party was outside by the lake.  Jamberry Nails (1 of 1)

Jamberry Nails (23 of 40)The girls swam and played on the playground and we just enjoyed watching them be kids. These are the memories they will remember, not that my cabinets didn’t have doors or that the floor they are running back and forth on is just concrete.  I would have to say my middle daughter’s party was a HUGE success and that it was a HUGE success for me getting past some insecurities I may have.

Jamberry Nails (12 of 40) - Copy
The tree swing my husband made for the party.

Jamberry Nails (1 of 1)-4 Jamberry Nails (18 of 40)Jamberry Nails (30 of 40) Jamberry Nails (24 of 40)

Jamberry Nails (32 of 40)

NOW! It’s time to get back to WORK!! :>)

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  1. Beck, I am the same way. Our house has lots of problems and it has caused me to be less than hospitable. Last week the kids great friends were going to be driving right past our house and wanted to stop for a visit. I had the same conversations with myself. I am glad that I didn’t let my less than stellar living conditions keep us from enyoying our friends. Happy Birthday Kate!

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