King of the Mountain? Or Just the Roof?

LakeHouse-13With all of the rains we have had this spring, we have had to continually clean up large limbs and debris from the yard.  Our already bad roof was looking worse with the fallen limbs and leaves.  My husband waited for a non-rain day and braved the height.  I know it doesn’t bother him to be up high, but for me… I was a little nervous.  I tried not to interfere with his trimming of low hanging limbs and blowing off of leaves.  Every now and then I would call up with a, “Be CAREFUL!”

As he was just about finished after a very long day of clean up and patching, I caught him standing on top of our roof looking “accomplished.”  I had to go grab my camera to snap a few pics. He then proceeded to make it worth my while ;>)




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