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Carpet and Paneling OUT!!   Ceiling scraped of icky popcorn.  We also learned a trick from a friend in construction.  He told us that the only way to truly rid yourself of the smell of pet urine that has seeped into the carpet and onto the concrete is to paint the floors with aluminum paint.  I searched online for anything that mentioned this same thing but couldn’t find anything.  I also spoke to a professional house painter and he hadn’t heard of this trick, but he said they did use aluminum paint to paint homes with fire damage to cover the smell.  Think about it…what is the ingredient that is found in your deodorant?  Aluminum.  Covers the smell??  We decided to not take the chance and have the smell sneak back in once the flooring was laid down, so we painted the floor with aluminum paint. I bought it at Lowe’s for about $25.  It looked so pretty on the floors!  I may have to find a future project to paint with aluminum just because it’s soooo PRETTY!

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