Brick Mortar Wash, Before & After & Maybe a Tutorial

I LOVE Brick! Especially inside of a home.  Our first home was a simple ranch style home, no bells and whistles.  But, it had a brick kitchen.  That pretty much did it for me. It was not a cookie cutter kitchen and had the character and charm I desired.  It seemed to add warmth to … Continue reading Brick Mortar Wash, Before & After & Maybe a Tutorial

Re-Purpose Those Outdated Ceiling Fans

As we are coming to a place where light fixtures,  hardware, and appliances need to be replaced and updated, I find it hard to decide what to replace it with?  I have had this mindset for so long to save money and don't buy NEW but just go to Good Will, Salvation Arm or Habitat … Continue reading Re-Purpose Those Outdated Ceiling Fans

Renovation Slumber Party

When your house is in the middle of a renovation you try to stay focused on what that involves.  Entertaining guests and having a dinner party isn't really on your "To Do" List.  However, if you are renovating a house and you have children under the age of 10, they don't care what the house looks like … Continue reading Renovation Slumber Party

King of the Mountain? Or Just the Roof?

With all of the rains we have had this spring, we have had to continually clean up large limbs and debris from the yard.  Our already bad roof was looking worse with the fallen limbs and leaves.  My husband waited for a non-rain day and braved the height.  I know it doesn't bother him to … Continue reading King of the Mountain? Or Just the Roof?


  Carpet and Paneling OUT!!   Ceiling scraped of icky popcorn.  We also learned a trick from a friend in construction.  He told us that the only way to truly rid yourself of the smell of pet urine that has seeped into the carpet and onto the concrete is to paint the floors with aluminum … Continue reading Before


              We knew this house was going to be a lot of work! These stains in the master bedroom caused me to ask our realtor, "No one was killed in here, RIGHT?" He replied, "No." (I think legally he has to answer me truthfully- and I'm a pretty trusting … Continue reading Before