Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Last week I dragged myself in to my lovely Dr.’s office to get all of my check ups.  I was LONG over due and every time I would tell some one how LONG it had been since my last check up, they would GASP!  With every GASP I began to find myself worrying a little more considering all the possible things that could be wrong with me within that span of time.  That place in my head is a DARK place and I don’t like to go there if I can avoid it.  For the most part I feel fit as a fiddle but I have noticed over the last couple of weeks an uncomfortable achiness in my wrists and hands.  It felt like  I had this pressure of extra blood flowing into my wrists and it would cause me to pull them up close to my chest.  WEIRD!  I did NOT like it!  It was hindering me in getting mundane tasks completed, working on this Dirty Diamond home, editing photos and typing on my computer and would you believe even carrying my coffee mug to the couch???–NOW that is worth GASPING over!!

No sooner did I tell my lovely Dr. my crazy symptoms that she replied, “Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome.”  So here is what was going through my head –“WOW!! I can’t believe I explained these symptoms well enough that she recognized immediately what this is ?!?!” 2nd thought– “I’ve just been diagnosed with having a SYNDROME.  I’m officially OLD!”  I know, I know there are worse things out there but I’m just telling you what went through my head.

Here’s what I found on Google:

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common, and progressively incapacitating, condition affecting the thumb and first three fingers of one or both hands.

Its symptoms first appear as episodes of tingling or numbness with strenuous movement of the wrist, such as driving a car, knitting or typing.

Who gets Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Anyone whose job or hobby requires repeated wrist movement can be a victim of the syndrome. This commonly includes carpenters, mechanics, painters, artists, golfers, tennis players, knitters, dishwashers, and car drivers, among others.

If left untreated, the syndrome can progress until it is experienced as a constant numbness and generalized weakening of the hand which makes even simple tasks – buttoning a shirt, removing a lid from a jar – increasingly difficult. Carpal tunnel syndrome often wakens a sufferer during the night with a burning sensation in one or both hands.


It gave me a little comfort to know that I may be able to treat this without surgery by wearing wrist slings ( nothing kills the romance quicker than when you hear the sound of velcro and slap these babies on).  I feel like Edward Scissor hands.  But, I do believe it is helping.  I apply some peppermint oil on my wrist and put the slings on and it has a nice cooling sensation.


I’m being a little more cautious with my movements of hands and wrists and trying not to overdue it.  But when you are in the middle of a home renovation it’s hard not to overdue it and I think that is why I have noticed the pain. There is a lot of wrist movement and strain on the hands when you are painting, scrubbing, sanding, lifting, etc.  What is bizarre to me is that out of both of my hands, it’s not the SOUTHPAW  that is giving me the most trouble, it is my less dominant hand–which is probably good.

I’m ready to get back to work! I’ll be posting more pictures of updates in the coming days!

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