Photographing a Home School Co-Op Graduation

rehearsal I have the honor of photographing the Cottage Garden Class of 2015 tomorrow morning. Cottage Garden is a Home School co-op.  It has been around for over 16+ years.  I did it last year for the Class of 2014 and I think I’m just as nervous.   I don’t do weddings. Well I’ve done two–and I think the pics turned out good-but it is SOOOOOO nerve wracking!  The stress alone just about KILLS me.  You know the pic with the KISS??!! Graduations fall a close 2nd.  You know that shot where they toss the cap in the air?  You only get one chance!  Can’t pipe up and say “Excuse me?? Could you guys do that again?”Grad cottage garden 4

For practice purposes I had my eight year old jump in the air numerous times so I could get my flash and settings just right.  She had a blast and we got a good laugh.

Clara 3 Clara

Because I’m super duper cautious I went to the graduation rehearsal this evening to watch the line up and to force myself to be assertive and tell people where they needed to stand, sit, and when to ‘throw their caps in the air’ (I’m grimacing as I type that).

I’m not kidding, I will be saying little prayers throughout the ceremony asking for God to help me get that shot RIGHT!

After the rehearsal I needed to find a place to have Graduate and family pictures. I always like to have some kind of little back drop behind my subjects.   Especially, lights. Love how they twinkle and sparkle!  I’m sure there will be some MANLY men tomorrow who will scoff when they see they are standing in front of sparkly, star lights and a red and blue banner, but it’s all about having color and POP! I’m an artist after all.!  That will be the bokeh( BOKEH = noun. a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus  areas of a photographic image) .  The graduates and their family  are the FOCUS.

My husband is such a good sport. I needed him to be my guinea pig to get my set up just right and to test different areas so I know what I’m doing tomorrow.  He took some of me because he’s a photographer too.

Grad cottage garden 3

Grad cottage garden

Grad cottage garden 2
We weren’t “feeling” it here. So we needed to relocate the props.

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