Rain, Shine, Multitasking Photo Shoot

The night before the horrific tornado in Van, I had a photo shoot with some sweet friends, the Curreys, who live in Van.  There was some uncooperative weather on this particular evening and I think we will long remember the chaos in trying to load and unload a couch on a flatbed trailer in the rain.  The CRAZY thing was that the sun was brightly shining and yet huge rain drops pelted us and my camera.  Which meant it was a short photo-shoot.Curreys-6 cr

Maybe not one for framing, but I still love it! Can you see the rain drops and the “What do we do NEXT?!!?!?” pose.
  Couch loaded up on the trailer. Kids don’t mind a little water.
Multitask photoshoot
My husband caught this picture of us. I can’t imagine what I’m giggling about? I’m sure Veronica said something sarcastic (she’s the one on the couch).

I also was on schedule to photograph an adorable 6 month old and his mommy.  This was the Currey’s nephew.  So I was multitasking!  I think I’m the queen of multitasking in my everyday life. It doesn’t mean that I do it well, but I do it somehow.IMG_0840-EditCR

IMG_0731-Edit CR
Wearing his granddaddy’s hat.
IMG_0797-Edit CR
I made them dig through their storage shed to get this rusty tin. I think it was worth it. Don’t you?
Curreys-3 BW cr
I love these kind of candid shots of mother and baby!!

By the way, the Curreys survived the storm and so did their property.  Although, the damage in town was insurmountable!  So very, very sad!  If you want to help the city of Van, you can click here.

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