Am I a Believer?

After my Jamberry Nails experiment, I feel like I’m less of a skeptic, maybe even a BELIEVER!   Just like any manicure or pedicure that you get from the nail salon or do yourself, you have to know that “THINGS” can happen and probably will, especially if you are me.  I do believe that the trick is in the application process and this may take some practice and $ to get the hang of it.

The other night I sat down and REALLY looked at the Jamberry Catalog to see what it was they were selling.  And instead of looking through it glossy-eyed, I contemplated how cute those wraps would look on my my hands.   Will it be something that I do on a regular basis? Probably won’t, only because, right now I’m knee deep in oil-based paint, and a little common sense is in order.

But, I do plan on ordering some in my near future. Maybe when I go out on a date with my husband–THAT is a BIG event! Or maybe when we go on a little family vacation and I’m forcefully removed from the paint.



Did I mention that the kids even have Jamberry Nails made just for them?  Here is my 5 year old trying “her hand” with the Jamberry Nails.  As cute as she, I mean they are, I have a 5 year old who picks at her nails.  So they didn’t last as long as mine did.  IMG_0277[1]

IMG_0284[1]I would like to thank my friend Jill for asking me to do this experiment.  I hope that she can use my testimonial to help in her business.  This was a lot of fun for me!  Especially, when I would run into people that I didn’t know were actually reading my blog and ask me how the Jamberry Nail wraps were holding up? And how they were enjoying reading the blog.  That made it all worth it for me!  Thanks again Jill!  I’ll be ordering from you real soon!!  You can order from her too, click on Jamberry Nails page and it will take you to her business page.

Screenshot (22)

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