How This Home School Family finishes up their school year with a Co-Op

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My 2nd child received her Kindergarten Diploma a few nights ago.  We homeschool but we do enjoy the company and structure that a Homeschool Co-op offers our family.  I love seeing how my children interact with their peers and enjoy seeing them walking down the halls to their  classes. Being a product of public school, I feel it is important for my children to be part of a classroom setting; to sit with their peers and to listen and take instruction from another adult.

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At the end of each year, our Co-op has an end of the year awards ceremony.  This is where Kindergartners graduate, classes show off what they have learned, all the kids with perfect attendance get a certificate, Honor Roll is recognized, the Drama students get to perform what they have practiced and so on. As the Art Teacher, I get to have my students select some of their favorite pieces they have created and display in our own little Gallery show.

I’m really proud of what my art students created and enjoyed their attitudes to learn!  I have learned a lot about how I teach as well.  I want art to be FUN and know that everyone sees art a little differently.  I want them to be creative and get a “feel” for what their style is.  I find myself challenged with these classes. I want to teach them something new and give them tools on how to achieve what they are wanting to create.   Therefore, I’m just as much a student as they are :>)

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    1. In my art classes I love to show the art of some of the “GREATS” and how history played such a big part in why art was created! I love to discuss the different elements on what media was used, why the artist chose to paint what they did, and what personal struggles that artist might have gone through. Then, we try to create our own art work based on that artist. I hope that these lessons in history will give them the confidence and knowledge to do great things too!

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