Day 8- Jamberry Nails Experiment

It has been over a week that I have adorned these colorful, Jamberry Nail wraps on my fingers.  I have done my very best to document certain activities that I’m currently involved in and how the nail wraps have held up.  Of course there are a number of other daily rituals in which I didn’t document for fear of it being boring and mundane;  washing of hands, washing clothes, washing children, prepping children for going out, cooking, doing dishes, feeding and care of the dogs, picking up clothes, folding clothes, etc.   I think these nail wraps have held up really well for my lifestyle.  Only a couple of the wraps would seem like they needed a little attention now and then and I would handle it by smoothing down whatever edge may be trying to release itself.

My husband always gets frustrated with me when he sees that I’m wearing my wedding ring during messy projects. Frankly, I can’t get the thing off! That should make him HAPPY, I would think.

On day 8, I decided to give these jewels the BIG test! I was attempting to mortar wash the brick wall in my sunroom.  This technique involved masonry brick mortar, sand, water and a LOT of elbow grease (I’m putting together a step by step post on how to do this-so if you are interested, be looking for it soon).  I knew this would be hard on my hands and I wouldn’t even attempt this project if I had just had my nails done at a salon.  But, since this was day 8, I was ready!

I learned the hard way that wearing gloves would probably be the best way to apply the mortar wash. I got a nice little abrasion on the tip of my ring finger. OUCH!!
WELL there it is!! I was MEAN to them and they finally gave up on me :>(

I only took off the Jamberry Nail wraps that were hanging on by a thread.  I was curious how much longer the others would stay on.  You’ll have to wait and see, just like me :>)


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