Day 7- Jamberry Nails Experiment

New Sink, New Coffee Mug. I’m a HAPPY girl!


The thing that we are learning is DEMOLITION is a whole lot quicker than the reconstruction part of a home renovation.  I had been washing our dishes in our bathtub, and doing it with my Jamberry Nail wraps I might add.

My beloved husband finally got the kitchen counter top installed, which meant  that he could then install the kitchen sink.  HOORAY!  I needed to wash my new mug that I received as a Baby Shower Hostess gift and was thrilled to do it in my new sink!  —See My Nails?

NEXT for the day-

I miss my riding lawn mower!

If you live in East Texas you know that we have had an unbelievable amount of rain this year!! UNBELIEVABLE!  I never want to complain about the good rain but life does seem to slow down a bit when the rains come into play (maybe that is a good thing).  But just because activities slow down, that doesn’t mean that the grass does.  We have been in desperate need of a day of no rain so that we could mow.  I was excited to jump on our riding lawn mower (because it’s a stress relief and instant gratification seeing the pretty lines the blades make once the grass is cut).. Unfortunately, I have a LOVE/HATE  relationship with our riding mower.  It never wants to work for me….yet it will work for my husband.  Well  I couldn’t get it to work for me and this time it wouldn’t work my HIM either.  So  we had to do something that I haven’t done in over 13 years…PUSH a lawnmower…on an INCLINE!!!”  I became one of those people that I pity giggle at.  “If only they had a riding lawn mower…”  Guess I was eating those words just like that stinking, fat bag of grass clipping that was adding about 10 lbs to my load.

As you can see my Jamberry Nail wraps are still on!  And you can see the pretty green paint on my pinky from  my art class the day before.  I do wash my hands...I PROMISE!!   I don’t know about you but there is something about seeing paint on someone’s hand or face.  A free spirit maybe???








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