Day 6 – Jamberry Nails Experiment

Mondays are a mixture of FUN and STRESS! Mondays are our Homeschool Co-Op day. I am the Art Teacher and I teach three art classes, ages ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade.  I pretty much look like I’m “moving in” and “moving out” every time I walk into this building.  I’m carrying easels, art supplies, canvases, backpacks, you name it!  Then it’s set up time, clean up time, set up time, clean up time–set up time and then clean up time.  The apron I wear looks like Sherwin Williams threw up on it :>)    On this particular day we were finishing up on our canvases and preparing for our end of the year awards ceremony so I didn’t get too messy with paint and my nail wraps remained clean for the most part.  I could tell that  one wrap on each hand was beginning to lift a bit but I just smoothed them down. But still hanging in strong!  Oh and the cute, trendy High School girls noticed my Jamberry nails and told me they LOVED them :>)

I’m glad none of them saw me taking this picture. I think they might have been creeped out by me reaching out toward them like this (just wish it was more in focus).

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  1. Art teachers leave an indelible print on the hearts and minds of their students and are some of the most cherished individuals on the planet. They are beloved because they offer kids an incredible gift – the ability to create and enjoy art. There is no doubt that art is a valuable subject for children to learn about during their formative years. Why do you believe art in schools is important?


    1. When I was in school, I don’t really remember the “lessons” as much as I do the project that went with that lesson. And that usually involved me getting to be artistic and using my creative side to create something visual. I think it’s the whole hands on learning thing. It is sad that art and music have fallen to the wayside in so many places. So much more learning could take place in just one simple work of art.

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