Day 5- Jamberry Nails Experiment

This is Sunday. I didn’t take a picture of me sitting in church. Didn’t feel right about that. We went out to eat, headed back home, said “goodbye” to my sweet inlaws, Then felt guilty about our dogs in their new fenced in location. So we decided to take a rather chaotic DOG WALK with three LARGE dogs, two adults, and three children. I’m sure the new neighbors think we are a FAMILY CIRCUS! My nails lasted through the day’s activities as well as the man handling of the dogs.

The leash isn’t pulled taunt so Lasso must be sitting ;>)














Jonathan Luna Lasso
Because our dogs are like family too…..Here is a picture of our Furbabies. Lasso and Luna.
This is Opie and my middle child a few years ago. This dog is the sweetest and has the most gentle spirit. He was a stray we picked up on the side of a road. I told Jonathan, “Ok…but we’re taking him to the animal humane society on Monday….” That was about 9 years ago ;>)


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