Day 2 – Jamberry Nails Experiment

I put these “BABIES” to work on their first, full day of existence on my fingers. I had to go into our storage unit. This girl didn’t have any Spring and Summer shoes to wear! I almost gave up in finding the box until I spotted them in the bottom, left hand corner of the unit…under a TOWER of boxes! Why does this kind of luck always happen to me?? Anyone else?


Jamberry Nails (1 of 3)
Onto my NEXT Test of Nails! Went to feed and care for the horses at my parent’s home. So far the wraps held up really well at the Storage Unit (and a LOT could have gone wrong). So far so good!
Jamberry Nails (2 of 3)
Proof that I did get my hands a little dirty!
Jamberry Nails (3 of 3)


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