Day 1- Jamberry Nails Experiment

When you are in the middle of a home renovation, home-school three children, teach art at a co-op, have soccer practices, church, laundry, cooking, etc. You stay up late! Therefore, all girly-ME time comes at the wee hours of the night. This nail application happened on Wednesday evening around 11:45 pm.

If you only knew how many times I took this picture… I kept looking like I was throwing GANG signs and just couldn’t get it right. Yeah, NOT GOING TO BE A HAND MODEL ANY TIME SOON!
I think this STEP is SUPER Important. Pushing back the cuticles seemed to help “Pave” a nice way for the wraps. It was almost like the skin around my nail was lifted up to lay down nicely on top of my wrap instead of looking like my kid put a sticker on top of my nail.
It looks like I have a pretty bandaid on my nail but this is really two wraps in one. I didn’t take a picture of an important step, but you need to get the hair dryer out and once you have the wrap off the plastic sheet, blow some heat on it to wake up the adhesive and make it more pliable. Then place the wrap on your nail.  Next, use the cuticle pusher back thingy  to smooth out the bumps/bubbles.  Once I trimmed the wrap as close as I could with scissors and lay the excess wrap to the side for the opposite hand’s finger, I took the nail clippers and trimmed around the shape of the nail. Next, I took the hair dryer, applied some heat to the nail wrap, and lastly took a nail file and sanded down to fold over and “lock it” into place.
All I can say here is, “I look like my baby sister, Penny!” But “Wa Lah!” I did it! Now eight more to go! Didn’t take me too long to do the rest, maybe 20 minutes once I got the hang of it. But great thing was… I didn’t have to wait an additional 30 + minutes to let them dry! If you are like me, I’ll be super careful for 25 minutes and then that last 5 minutes, I rub a wet nail onto something and now I have to start ALL OVER!!  WaaHAAA!!
All Complete!

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