Kitchen Cabinet Install Day

Yesterday, Jonathan took the day off of work.  Most of his fixer upper time is in the evenings.  I feel bad for him.  I know he works hard during the day and then comes home to more work.  Although, I think the house work is more therapeutic for him…or at least I keep telling myself that to make myself feel better.

The kiddos and I went with an empty trailer to my parents home last night to get the rest of our family.  Luna, Lasso, and Opie (our three dogs) will be finally joining us!  We have felt incomplete without them being with us.  What are they going to think moving into a NEIGHBORHOOD?!?!  All the sights and sounds? Other dogs barking?  What are the NEIGHBORS going to think when they see us pulling into the driveway with three large breed dogs??? I would say this neighborhood is more like a “Yorkie,” “Shih Tzu” kind of neighborhood, or even NO dog at all!  We learned from our neighbors that they “WROTE” one of the neighbors up for their dogs and their excessive barking.  I can see these dogs from my driveway.  I’m a little…OK, ALOT nervous about our dogs joining in with these dogs and forming a CHORUS!  That’s what dogs do!  I’m seriously praying to God at night that my dogs are well mannered when they arrive.

Getting ready to go and give all three dogs a good bath before loading them up in the suburban.   Going to be an eventful drive home with three kids ,three dogs and a trailer load of dog houses in tow.


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