Day 2 – Jamberry Nails Experiment


Day 1- Jamberry Nails Experiment

When you are in the middle of a home renovation, home-school three children, teach art at a co-op, have soccer practices, church, laundry, cooking, etc. You stay up late! Therefore, all girly-ME time comes at the wee hours of the night. This nail application happened on Wednesday evening around 11:45 pm.


We had the busiest weekend! And as badly as we would LOVE to do more home renovation, sometimes you are just forced to hang up the hammer, lay down the paint brushes and live your regular, CRAZY life! We had to leave the "Dirty Diamond" to go support our daughters' soccer game (they both play … Continue reading EXPECTATIONS

What I Have Learned from Camping

All I can say is that I'm thankful I had parents that took me and my sisters CAMPING... A LOT!  If it were not for learning how to adapt in less than comfortable conditions, this entire DIRTY DIAMOND experience might just unravel me. I think the hardest part about living in a renovation is the … Continue reading What I Have Learned from Camping


I guess I asked for it.  A day of painting is in-store for me.  That was the "JOB" I was given today.  I guess I would probably enjoy this part more if it were NOT the Kilz Primer part...which means I have to do this TWICE!

A Family Intact

It was a little crazy at first. Kids were excited, dogs were thrilled to be in the suburban and the wet dog smell mixed with the peppermint essential  oil car diffuser was nauseating. But after about 5 minutes, once we all got acclimated to the road and stench, it was a smooth and uneventful ride … Continue reading A Family Intact

Kitchen Cabinet Install Day

Yesterday, Jonathan took the day off of work.  Most of his fixer upper time is in the evenings.  I feel bad for him.  I know he works hard during the day and then comes home to more work.  Although, I think the house work is more therapeutic for him...or at least I keep telling myself that … Continue reading Kitchen Cabinet Install Day

Keep Your Mouth SHUT!

I don't know what this was? We are NEW to this lake life stuff.  We came home last week and had, I'm going to guess, MILLIONS of house guests waiting on us.  Didn't really notice how bad it was until we came inside through the garage and heard the little buggers pelting the windows.  When … Continue reading Keep Your Mouth SHUT!

How We Got Started

My husband, Jonathan and I have done something CRAZY! I guess our three children could be included but they are innocent by-standers who really don't have a choice in the matter. However, I keep trying to justify the upheaval in their lives as "it's an ADVENTURE!!" After 11 years in our first fixer upper home, … Continue reading How We Got Started